Your entryway is the first space you see as you step in to your home, so it's important to create a relaxing, welcoming feeling for you and your guests.

Consider what you want the entryway to tell people as they walk through. Do you want a light, airy space or a moody, maximalist vibe with patterned wallpaper and quirky antique decor?

From patterned tiles and statement lighting to calming colours and illusions of space, here are a few entryway ideas to get you started...

9 entryway ideas

Use colour to create the illusion of a bigger hallway

Entryway ideas
Little Greene

Hallways are often narrow and sometimes lacking in natural light. When choosing colours, look for shades that add warmth, light, drama or interest. A paler shade at the end of a narrow corridor, alongside darker walls, will create the illusion of depth. Here, the juxtaposition of light green paint above a darker shade opens up the space. Remember, you can use the colours in the hallway to set the tone for the rest of the house, or to create a surprising contrast.

Brighten the entryway with lighting

Entryway ideas

Whether your scheme is classic or contemporary, take time to consider the lighting. A well-chosen lamp, lantern or pendant will do more than illuminate the space – it can create an impressive focal point and add real gravitas.

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Add interest with florals

Entryway ideas
Dee Campling

It’s the little details that make stylist and interior designer Dee Campling’s gorgeous hallway stand out: rows of neatly stacked books, arranged just so; basket bags; a hit of greenery for texture; and an assortment of beautiful fresh flowers from her garden. ‘Flowers, bought or foraged, create a fragrant and attractive focal point,’ says Dee, ‘and cheer you immediately upon entering the house.’ Display fresh blooms in assorted vintage bottles, as Dee has done here, or fill antique jugs and vases with seasonal posies.

Be bold with patterned tiles

Entryway ideas
Fired Earth.

Tiles present a practical and stylish alternative to carpet or rugs, especially in a house with lots of children and pets. Bold designs, such as this geometric pattern, add character and the addition of a plain border gives the look a classic edge.

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Save energy with entryway curtains

Entryway ideas
Farrow & Ball

A well-chosen curtain can really lift the look of the hallway, accentuating both colour and decor (for rustic or country-style looks, especially) and it also has the dual purpose of keeping draughts out (and warmth in) – essential if you live in a period home.

Add a stair runner for a welcoming entryway

Entryway ideas
Roger Oates

‘Be adventurous,’ says Andy Guard, head of design at Roger Oates. ‘Clever use of colour and pattern will transform a dark hall into a warm space, while a runner on cold floors or staircases can make an area feel more welcoming.

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Make a statement with wallpaper

Entryway ideas

You probably use your hallway more than any other space in your home, so why not elevate it from being a purely functional thoroughfare and make it as eye-catching and welcoming as you can? It’s all about drawing the eye into your home and offering a tantalising glimpse of what lies beyond. Dramatic, maximalist patterned wallpapers offer an instant visual hit. Pair with equally bold statement rugs, runners, furniture and antiques for added impact.

Maximise space with functional furniture

Entryway ideas

Slim or understated furniture will not only maximise space in a narrow hallway, but can also ensure that a wider-than-average hall feels like a room in its own right. As well as providing a useful surface on which to display antiques, plants or a strategically placed lamp, console-style tables or slender chests with cupboards and drawers, such as this one, are great repositories for everyday essentials such as keys, post and leads (for dogs or for charging devices) that you need to keep in one place and close to hand.

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Make the space feel larger with mirrors

Entryway ideas
Nicholas Yarsley

Not just for checking your appearance, mirrors create the illusion of space, helping to make rooms appear larger than they are. An ornate frame will create a useful centre of attention as in this example from the home of antiques experts Lisa Lloyd and Marc Allum, where it’s surrounded by a variety of intriguing finds and tactile antiques, including those tall, handsome chairs that just beckon you in. For all-out impact, go as big as you can: Graham & Green currently has a striking, industrial-style windowpane mirror that will not only fill a hallway, but throw light around too.