Green as a colour has broad appeal with lots of shades to pick from, ranging from soothing sage and olive tones through to dramatic forest hues, with zesty shades of lime and pea green in between.


How to decorate with green

When it comes to designing with green, there are many shades to choose from. Each shade will create a different light and it's worth trialling a few in each room to work out what depth of colour you're after. Let the situation dictate the shade.

Living rooms

In a sitting room, used mostly in the evenings, choose a deep emerald and add textiles in velvet or heavy linen for an extra level of luxe.

A velvet sofa is a real statement in any living room: check out our round-up of the best velvet sofas on the market.

Bathrooms and bedrooms

In a bathroom or bedroom, choose a restful shade with grey undertones.

Kitchens and dining rooms

For kitchens and dining rooms the choices are limitless so let the light guide you. Green looks as good alongside kitchen classics such as Agas and butler’s sinks as it does when teamed with chrome and brushed steel. Easily combined with other colours, it is a natural neutral too.

Inspiration and ideas for designing green rooms

Lighter greens work as neutrals

This fresh, minty green works well with any number of colours, including yellow and pink, and is ageless in terms of style. Walls in Pall Mall and chair in Trumpet, from £22 per litre, Little Greene.

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A blush pink mid-century armchair sits against bright green walls

Use bold green wallpapers

For a really flamboyant look, choose a bold wallpaper in deep forest green and match upholstery and curtains for added drama. Crane Fonda wallpaper in Emerald, £140 per roll, Crane Fonda velvet cushion in Coral, £95, both Divine Savages.

A rich, emerald velvet sofa against dark green floral wallpaper

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Antique pieces to pair with green

Bamboo furniture is a great pairing with any forest green room accents, brightening up the potentially darker shades. Here are a few pieces that might provide inspiration when you're designing a forest green interior.

A selection of cane antiques
An array of paint colours to compliment green