Last year, the sad news of Queen Elizabeth II's death shook the nation and, to mark the momentous date, royal memorabilia were created worldwide. Sales soared and collectors and non-collectors alike were keen to get their hands on a commemorative piece, whether it was a coin from the Royal Mint or a decorative mug from the likes of Emma Bridgewater. Find Queen Elizabeth II memorabilia in our carefully selected list.

But as King Charles III's coronation - a more celebratory occasion - is set to take place on 6th May 2023 at Westminster Abbey, wonderful memorabilia are being commissioned and created to celebrate. With coins, stamps and accessories already available, albeit all rather exclusive and limited, now is the time to start thinking about the commemoratives you want to buy and, more importantly, which items are likely to become the most collectable antiques of the future.

We've carefully selected our favourite, and (most importantly) the best quality, coronation memorabilia to buy and collect now.

Best King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

The 2023 United Kingdom Brilliant Uncirculated Commemorative Coin Set

King Charles III coronation memorabilia

One of the first annual sets from Royal Mint to feature King Charles III's portrait, this uncirculated commemorative coin set includes five coins dated 2023. As they are Brilliant Uncirculated standard, they are a higher standard than normal coins, and could be one of the more collectable souvenirs in years to come.

Fortnum's Musical Coronation Biscuit Tin

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

For a truly unique keepsake, this musical biscuit tin from Fortnum's is a lovely choice. As the coronation music box turns it plays the tune of 'God Save The King', and the biscuits inside pay tribute to the delicious flavours of the commonwealth. The perfect excuse to treat yourself to some delicious biscuits while celebrating King Charles III's accession!

King Charles III Coronation Silk Scarf

King Charles III Coronation memorabilia

For something more luxurious, this stunning Corontaion silk scarf has been designed exclusively for Westminster Abbey by award winning designer Rory Hutton. It takes inspiration from the oak leaves and birds represented on the coronation chair, the Abbey’s medieval tiles and the animals and plants which symbolise the four nations of the UK. The intricate medieval-inspired design has a vintage style colour palette of red, white and blue and the borders feature the King and Queen's names and the coronation date.

King Charles III Coronation Mug

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

For something you can use every day, this beautifully detailed mug is a wonderful choice of coronation memorabilia. The green design has been taken from a hand-drawn creation by designer Victoria Eggs, featuring gorgeous green flowers and foliage surrounding the scripture of King Charles III and his coronation date.

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Royal Scot Crystal Coronation Paperweight

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

If it's a timeless heirloom you're searching for, Goviers' Coronation paperweight is a wonderful choice. Made from hand cut crystal and engraved with the a special Coronation crest, this piece of memorabilia will stand the test of time.

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King Charles III Beaker & Royal Gold Blend Tea

King Charles III coronation memorabilia

In celebration of King Charles III formally being crowned, a regal King’s coronation commemoration set has been released by premium tea brand Ringtons, one of the UK’s most well-established tea specialists who have delivered tea and more to the doors of its customers for more than a century.

King's Coronation Tea Towel

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

British homeware and lifestyle brand, Sophie Allport, has designed a beautiful new limited-edition collection to celebrate the King’s Coronation. There are three items in the collection, one of which is this handmade tray which features Sophie’s charming illustration of The King’s Procession.

Coronation Gold Emblem Small Flora Vase

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

This limited edition flora vase from Dartington Crystal has been decorated with the gold emblem of the King's coronation. Only 25 of these are available, so you'll need to be quick to secure one!

3 Cheers 4 The King Mug Teapot

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

There's nothing more British than a cup of tea, and this mug teapot from Emma Bridgewater's Coronation collection certainly fits the bill. Decorated in vibrant colours and royal illustrations, it's a perfect pick for a Coronation souvenir.

Fortnum's Coronation Organic Darjeeling Tea

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

Here's one for the tea drinkers! Fortnum's are well-renowned for their fabulous tea flavours, and their Coronation Organic Darjeeling Tea comes in this pretty tea caddy that you can keep and reuse for years to come.

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Wedgwood King Charles Coronation Mug

King Charles III Coroantion memorabilia

This striking Wedgwood fine bone china commemorative mug is adapted from an original design by the iconic graphic designer, Richard Guyatt, who designed a pint-sized Wedgwood mug for the 1953 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

His Majesty’s monogram takes centre stage in pale grey and yellow, with the date '2023' below to mark the occasion. Crafted in England by Wedgwood's skilled craftspeople, each piece is completed with the words 'God Save the King' and a 22-carat gold lining.

King Charles Coronation Tea Cosy

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

Here's one for the tea drinkers! Part of Poppy Treffry's Coronation collection, this King Charles & Queen Camilla tea cosy is a delightful souvenir, and the bold colours are a winner, too!

2023 King Charles III's Coronation Boxed Hanging Decoration

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

Why not invest in a coronation decoration that can be displayed in your home, or even on your Christmas tree each year? This offering from Historic Royal Palaces has been hand enamelled and decorated in Britain from 22 carat gold-plated English Pewter. This wonderful souvenir is an exclusive, so once they're gone, they're gone!

Spode’s King Charles III Coronation Collection

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

Famed for its exquisite tableware and drinkware, Spode is marking the King's Coronation in style with the launch of its new King Charles III Coronation collection. The Coronation collection includes a beautiful 9” commemorative plate, a covetable souvenir mug, a teapot, covered sugar, a cream jug, a teabag tidy, and a coaster.

King Charles III Coronation Tea Towel

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

This list wouldn't be complete without a symbolic tea towel! Another pick from Victorias Eggs, the design looks just as beautiful here as it does on the mug!

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'King Charles III' Commemorative Decoupage Plate

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

This fabulous decoupage plate by Bridie Hall is a vibrant choice. Handmade in London from glass and paper, and backed with a lacquered map of the capital in the 18th century, these plates are limited-edition, with only 200 available.

King Charles Coronation Print

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

Watercolour artist Hannah Dale has created a beautiful artwork in honour of the Coronation, but if you like the look of it, be quick as there is limited stock. The print is available as a framed card, framed mounted print and mounted print in various frame colours.

King Charles III and Camilla Queen Consort Sharon Flute

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

A beautiful pair of champagne flutes is a wonderful souvenir – not only are you commemorating the event, but you'll also have a swanky new glass to drink from as you toast the new king!

Coronation Edition Wool & Wax Picnic Blanket

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

As the coronation of King Charles III takes place in May (the start of summer), why not opt for this very special edition picnic blanket? It's the perfect accessory for a gathering with friends and family in a park or in the garden for a celebratory picnic...

Royal Scot Crystal Coronation Floral Loving Cup

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

Another piece from Goviers' Coronation collection, this crystal loving cup arrives in a gold presentation box lined with midnight blue - beautiful to display or lovely as a gift to a fellow royalist.

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Fortnum's Coronation Tea Towel

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

Fortnum & Mason have just released their Coronation collection, and it doesn't disappoint. This commemorative tea towel has beed designed in their classic Eau de Nil colour, and features 13 crowns to represent the companies service to 13 monarchs since 1707.

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King’s Coronation Small Tray

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

This tray from Sophie Allport's Coronation collection also features the beautiful illustration of the King's procession, so it will look just as lovely on display in a kitchen dresser as it will filled with tasty snacks.

The King Charles III Accession Commemorative Cover

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

Royalists and stamp collectors alike will be keen to get their hands on this one, and as only 4,995 are available, they are sure to be sought after by collectors. The Accession Commemorative Covers have been officially postmarked by Royal Mail and feature the date of Charles III's proclamation as king. They also feature a 24 carat gold-plated commemorative that reads 'Long Live the King' around his image.

King Charles Coronation Bone China Mug

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

Poppy Treffry has also brought out this fabulous keep-sake mug made from bone china. One side features a fun illustration of the King and Queen Consort, and on the reverse you'll find their names and the Coronation date drawn in the same style.

King Charles III Coronation Mini Chopping Board

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

Designed and handmade in the UK, this unique mini chopping board features a different design on the front and back: on one side is a collage of Coronation-themed illustrations and on the other features the details of the coronation. These colourful designs offer a truly unique and special addition to your Royal collection or Coronation party table!

King Charles III Coronation Commemorative Brooch

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

There's no accessory as classic as a brooch, so why not commemorate King Charles' accession with a coronation-themed pin? Featuring a royal-style sceptre wrapped in a sash of red, white and blue, the King's name and the year of his coronation, it's the perfect piece to wear when celebrating this prestigious event.

King Charles III Coronation Canvas Bag

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

A tote bag is the perfect choice of coronation memorabilia, especially when it's as pretty as this one!

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The King Charles III Accession 1/5oz Gold Commemorative

King Charles III Memorabilia

Another coronation coin souvenir, these ones have been made from 1/5 oz of 22 carat gold with a design by well-known royal artist Quentin Peacock, and come with a certificate of authenticity. They are already in demand and, with only 200 authorised for release, you'll need to be quick to claim one for yourself!

King’s Coronation Standard Mug

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

Part of Sophie Allport's limited-edition collection for the King's Coronation, this bone china mug featuring a dainty royal illustration is a lovely souvenir, and with its beautiful packaging, it would also make a lovely gift for the royalist in your life.

The Velvet Linen Coronation Cushion

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

This beautiful limited edition cushion is hand-made using an array of Velvet Linen's most cherished fabrics. The design features an array of meadow flowers, roses and birds much loved by His Majesty and is sewn together in an elegant Union Jack design, finished with a subtle royal gold crown. The cushion is backed in a luxurious natural linen and features a commemorative tag marking the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III.

Ceramic King Charles III Coronation Bauble

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

Keep it simple with this elegant ceramic bauble to commemorate the King's Coronation. Save it for Christmas or keep it on display all year round.

King's Coronation Plate

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

A commemorative plate is a popular choice for Coronation memorabilia, thanks to its versatile nature – fix it to a wall, display it in a kitchen dresser or simply use it. This Coronation plate from Emma Bridgewater's collection features a rim adorned with royal crown illustrations and the King's name.

The King Charles III Accession Silver Britannia Cover

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

A similar souvenir as the gold coin previously mentioned, the Silver Britannia cover, of which only 1,995 have been postmarked by Royal Mail, features a 1st class stamp and a silver Britannia coin.

King Charles III Coronation Wooden Fridge Magnets

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

Here's on for the magnet collectors. This trio of wooden fridge magnets is a lovely commemorative souvenir, each featuring a different, fun design. Perfect if you're looking for something small and low maintenance.

King Charles Coronation Tea Towel

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

To complete the collection, Poppy Treffry has also designed a Coronation tea towel, with the same unique illustration and colour combinations. Made from 100% organic unbleached cotton, it's perfect for drying the dishes, or it would look beautiful framed and displayed in your home!

The 2023 United Kingdom Proof Commemorative Coin Set

King Charles III coronation memorabilia

Another commemorative coin set from Royal Mint, this one includes five carefully selected coins, each one finished to Proof standard, as well as an exclusive Proof Medal which is only available in The 2023 United Kingdom Proof Commemorative Coin Set.

King Charles III Coronation Apron

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

To complete Victoria Eggs' coronation collection, an apron with the signature green design has been released, so you can cook up a feast in royal style!

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The 2023 United Kingdom Gold Proof Commemorative Coin Set

King Charles III coronation memorabilia

Presented in a rather smart wooden case, this Gold Proof Commemorative Coin Set features five coins struck in 22 carat gold with Martin Jenning's coinage portrait of the King included on the reverse. Only 150 of these have been made, making it the most exclusive of our list!

P&H 'God Save the King' Tea Towel

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

This bold yellow tea towel is a fun way to commemorate the coronation, a classic piece of memorabilia offered by Pentreath & Hall. Buy on its own or as part of a set with a matching tea towel for Camilla, Queen Consort.

The Imperial State Crown Tapestry Kit

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

Designed by the Flanders Tapestry Collection and created with pure British wools by Appletons, this tapestry kit is a great way for anyone with craft skills to commemorate King Charles's Coronation. The tapestry kit comes with detailed instructions, a colour printed canvas, a needle and all the 2 ply Appletons crewel wool you will need. And if you want to turn it in to a cushion, simply add some backing fabric and fill!

Fortnum's Coronation Bag for Life

King Charles III Coronation Memorabilia

Looking for a more practical Coronation souvenir? Fortnum's are offering this charming bag for life to commemorate King Charles, so you can shop in celebratory style.

The Crown Cake Server

Serve up your cake in regal style with this wonderful silver plated crown cake slice! Featuring an intricate crown design attached to an ivory coloured resin handle, there's no better way to serve a slice of celebratory cake!