Royal memorabilia has always been a popular category of antique, with many of the most significant moments in royal history memorialised with coins, plates, jumpers and jewellery. Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the royal memorabilia market has been thriving, with buyers and sellers rushing to cash in on this landmark historic moment.

If you're new to collecting antiques and collectables, royal memorabilia can be a great way of getting on the ladder. While only setting you back a few pounds initially, items will grow exponentially in value over the years – and there'll nearly always be an interested party.

Even if it's simply keeping your copy of The Times or The Guardian from the day of the Queen's death or the new King's coronation as a souvenir, there are plenty of easy ways to start becoming a royal memorabilia collector.

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The best royal souvenirs to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II

Westminster Abbey Seven-Piece Coronation Miniatures

Seven Piece Coronation Miniatures

This gorgeous set consists of miniature replicas of seven of the main pieces used in the coronation of a British monarch: The St. Edward's Crown, The Imperial State Crown, The Sovereign's Sceptre with the Cross, The Sovereign's Orb, The Commonwealth Bracelets and The Coronation Ring. The pieces are handcast by UK craftsmen and set with Swarovski gems.

Buy Seven Piece Coronation Miniatures Collection from Westminster Abbey Shop (£149)

Queen Elizabeth II 8 1/2" Plate

Queen Elizabeth memorabilia

A beautiful display piece, this commemorative spongeware plate from Emma Bridgewater features a lovely crown design as well as Her Majesty's name and date of birth and death. A lovely piece to remember our longest reigning monarch!

Buy Queen Elizabeth II 8 1/2" Plate from Emma Bridgewater (£19)

Royal Jubilee English Shrub Rose

Royal Jubilee Rose

Designed by David Austin, this rose was a fitting tribute for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee – and a way of remembering the Queen's life year in, year out. The sweetly fragranced chalice-shaped blooms are wonderfully exuberant with a ravishing deep pink on the outside and a paler pink on the underside of the petals.

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Buy the Royal Jubilee Shrub Rose from David Austin (£30)

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Street Party Cushion

This navy felt cushion is bedecked with the words 'God Save the Queen', along with the Queen's insignia and the dates of her 70-year reign. Paired perfectly with a cream sofa, this cushion is destined to become a collectable of the future.

Buy the Street Party Cushion from Jan Constantine (£139)

Limited Edition Queen's Platinum Jubilee Goblet

Queen Elizabeth memorabilia

Though we are distancing further away from Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee, there are still a few pieces of memorabilia available, including this hand-painted goblet featuring cabbage roses and forget-me-nots.

Limited Edition Queen's Platinum Jubilee Goblet from Wemyss Ware (£460)

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee 50p Uncirculated Coin

Remember a historic moment in Queen Elizabeth II's reign with this collector's coin from The Royal Mint. It's the first time the Mint has ever celebrated a royal event on a UK 50p coin, which adds to the value. Featuring the Platinum Jubilee portrait of the Queen on one side and a bold, graphic, celebratory image on the reverse, this is a coin to treasure.

Buy the Platinum Jubilee 50p Uncirculated Coin from The Royal Mint (£7)

God Save the Queen Mug

Emma Bridgewater loves a souvenir mug, and this is one is definitely worth adding to your collection. With 'God Save the Queen' on the front and 'Our Longest Serving Monarch' on the back, this mug was initially sold in celebration of HRH's Platinum Jubilee.

Buy the God Save the Queen mug from Emma Bridgewater (£22)

Platinum Silk Twill Scarf

Liberty Silk Twill Scarf

When more casual attire is the order of the day, the Queen was often seen wearing a headscarf, and this beauty from Liberty is an elegant way to emulate her iconic style. Measuring 45x45cm, this collectable design is a special limited edition that has been hand-drawn in Liberty's London studio. Each scarf is presented with a hand-numbered card.

Buy the Platinum Silk Twill Scarf from Liberty (£95)

Limited Edition Copper Crown Cocktail Cup

Crown cocktail cup

A collaboration between Absolut Elyx vodka and NoMad London, this eye-catching cup is the creme de la creme of cocktail glasses. Shaped like a crown worn by Queen Elizabeth II, with sparkling jewels and handcrafted detail, this is a great addition to any drinks cabinet.

Buy the Copper Crown Cup from Absolut Elyx Boutique (£194)

The Limited-Edition Queen Elizabeth II Locket

Queen Elizabeth memorabilia

Working in conjunction with the UK’s Assay Offices, British jewellery brand Lily Blanche has created a new, four photo locket, beautifully hand-crafted in the UK. Limited to just 100 pieces, this large, oval locket, opens to hold four images and can be personalised with your favourite photos and engraved with your own message.

Buy The Limited-Edition Queen Elizabeth II Locket from Lily Blanche (£300)

Queen Elizabeth II 1/2 Pint Mug

Queen Elizabeth memorabilia

Emma Bridgewater has brought out this charming spongeware mug to commemorate the life of Queen Elizabeth II. The mug is inspired by designs from 1952 when Her Majesty took the throne, and features the dates of her birth and death.

Buy Queen Elizabeth II 1/2 Pint Mug from Emma Bridgewater (£22)

Tracklements Right Royal Pickle

Tracklements Right Royal Pickle

Tracklements is well known for its upmarket range of condiments. To celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee, Tracklements rose to the challenge and delivered us a very special addition to enliven our humble Jubilee picnic sandwiches! Right Royal Pickle is unctuous and packed with delicious chunky veg.

Buy Tracklements Right Royal Pickle from The Norfolk Deli (£6.95)

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Platinum Jubilee Limited Edition Pillbox Clock

Pillbox clock

This sweet pillbox clock was produced in a limited run of 1,000 and was commissioned by Royal Collection Trust to commemorate 70 years of Queen Elizabeth's reign. Its rich hue is inspired by the purple Robe of Estate worn by the Queen at her coronation.

Buy Platinum Jubilee Limited Edition Pillbox Clock from Royal Collection Shop (£125)

Queen's Head Statue

Queen Elizabeth memorabilia

For something understated and timeless, this gorgeous earthenware clay ornament, handmade and painted in Malta, will look lovely displayed amongst a ceramics collecting.

Buy Queen's Head Statue from Villa Bologna Pottery (£48)

Special Edition Jubilee Tea Cosy

Poppy Treffry tea cosy

Every house needs one. Every street party needs a few. To celebrate 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II on the throne, Poppy Treffry designed a these charming handmade tea cosies to mark the occasion.

Buy Special Edition Jubilee Tea Cosy from Poppy Treffry (£60)

Royal Collection Jubilee Side Plate

Royal Collection Plate

Almost too pretty to eat from, this eye-catching plate will make a beautiful statement on any dresser or shelf. In ravishingly regal purple and gold, the plate features the royal coat of arms in the centre. This plate has appropriately been crafted in Staffordshire, the beating heart of the pottery industry. It's made from fine bone china and finished with 22 carat gold.

Buy the Royal Collection Side Plate from Royal Collection Shop (£40)

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Biscuiteers The Queen's Corgis Letterbox Biscuits

Corgi biscuits

We're sure this brace of corgi companions with a crown and bunting will raise a smile as you raise a toast! The five biscuits have a delicate lemon flavour and are presented in a hand-decorated box.

Buy The Queen's Corgis Letterbox Biscuits from Biscuiteers (£25)

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Platinum Jubilee Crown Ladies' Watch 2022

Toff London watch

This commemorative watch from Toff London would make a stylish gift for yourself or a friend. You can choose from gold, rose gold or silver for the watch face while there are seven colour options for the strap, from navy to pink. Each watch is assembled by hand in the UK.

Buy the Platinum Jubilee Crown Ladies' Watch from Toff London (£89)