Nothing says luxury like the soft, sumptuous appeal of silk, whether it's a beautiful pair of pyjamas, a signature handkerchief or a favourite shirt.

But one area that seems underrated when it comes to this material is bedding. After all, what could feel more indulgent than putting on your favourite silk jammies before slipping into a haven of silk sheets?

Whether you opt for a pillow case alone, or go all out with a sheet and duvet cover to match, there are plenty of reasons to switch to silk...

Is silk bedding better for you?

Although there is no 'one fits all' answer for what material is the best choice for bedding, silk certainly ranks highly.

Silk is particularly beneficial for people who suffer from allergies or asthma thanks to its naturally hypoallergenic properties – synthetic fibres are more prone to damp, which encourages dust mites, something you are more likely to avoid with silk.

There are also many benefits for your hair and skin – silk is incredibly smooth, so as you move in your sleep, there is almost no friction between your hair or skin with the pillow case. If your hair can move freely, you will experience less matting, knotting and breakage.

Similarly with your skin, silk is known to help reduce signs of ageing and wrinkles as your skin can breathe through the night and retain its natural moisture levels.

What are the cons of silk bedding?

As far as bedding is concerned, silk options can be rather expensive, especially if you're after the highest quality. If you're uncertain if silk bedding is right for you, try starting with just a pillow case before committing to a full set.

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For anyone who is vegan, some silk bedding is not for you – in some cases silk worms are used to make the fabric, and a lot are needed to produce small volumes, although there are some silk types where this is not the case (see the different silk types below). It also carries a high carbon footprint in comparison to other bedding fabrics, as most is made in countries such as India and China.

It's also worth noting that silk bedding is more high maintenance than cotton or linen. Though it is incredibly soft and luxurious, maintaining that feeling requires great care. Silk bedding should be washed either by hand or on a gentle cold wash so as not to damage the fabric, plus direct sunlight can seriously damage silk, so you'll need space to dry it inside.

What are the different types of silk?

Mulberry Silk

Mulberry silk is the most used type on the market – most silk bedding is made from mulberry, as you'll see in our selection, as it's incredibly soft and shiny, perfect for bedding. Mulberry silk is made from the cocoon of a Bombyx mori moth which, as a caterpillar, eats only white mulberry leaves.

Eri Silk

Eri silk is made using Samia Ricini silkworms that feed on castor plants. It's an incredibly durable silk, one of the four major natural silks produced. Most importantly for some people the production of Eri silk doesn't involve the death of any creatures – the fibre is extracted from the cocoon after the moth leaves it, so it's a good option for vegans.

Tussar Silk

Unlike the previously mentioned types, Tussar is a wild silk that is created by silkworms that have fed on the leaves of arjun trees and asan, a herby plant. Due to its wild nature, this silk is often heavier and has a slightly rougher texture, however it still creates a soft, delicate fabric.

Muga Silk

Muga silk is one of the rarest types of silk that takes on a gold / yellow colour. Made from a silkworm known as Antheraea assamensis, muga silk is renowned for its glossy appearance and fine texture. This type of silk is amongst the most expensive, with 5,000 cocoons required to produce one kilogram of yarn.

Best silk bedding

19 Momme Seamless Silk Duvet Cover

Best silk bedding

Duvet size: Single, double, king, super king
Colour: 10 options
Thread count: 400

Offering 5* hotel luxury, LilySilk's 19 Momme Seamless Silk bedding is made from 100% Grade A Mulberry silk that is OEKO-TEX® Certified -Free of Harmful Chemicals, making it one of the healthiest natural materials to cocoon yourself in as you sleep.

Particularly appealing is that the duvet cover is directly cut from a whole piece of silk fabric, making it completely seamless, which helps the silk maintain its integrity and contributes to its longer shelf-life. It's also worth noting that LilySilk's bedding is skin-friendly and breathable, perfect for everyone, including those with sensitive skin, and makes it an ideal choice through all seasons.

LilySilk's 19 Momme Seamless Silk Duvet has a customer review of 5/5 stars, and the silk pillow case has a customer review of 4.9/5 stars, suggesting they are of high quality and fulfilling all of the company's promises.

Pure Mulberry Silk Bedding

Best silk bedding

Size: Double, king, super king
Colour: 7 options
Thread count: 19 momme

Offering a range of 100% Mulberry silk bedding that includes pillow cases, duvet covers and fitted sheets, you can create a silky haven in your bedroom.

Soak & Sleep's silk bedding is made with a 19 momme silk satin that feels fluid and looks lustrous while also maintaining incredible durability. This may come as a surprise as it looks so delicate. If well-cared for, you can expect your silk bed linen to last you for many beautiful mornings to come.

When it comes to customer ratings, this silk bedding has an overall rating of 4.9/5 stars, with 86% of customers describing it as excellent.

Audley Pure Silk Bed Linen Collection

Best silk bedding

Size: Double, king, super king, emperor
Colour: Chalk
Thread count: 19 momme

As you'd expect from The White Company, the Audrey Pure Silk Linen Collection comes in its classic chalky white colourway, and offers a more traditional design with extra borders around the edge.

Made using 100% Mulberry silk and described by the company as a 'luxurious, hypoallergenic design', this silk bedding set is perfect for anyone who likes to keep their bedroom interiors minimal, calming and soft – dress your bed with the silk pillow case, duvet cover and fitted sheet for a space that looks as though a designer has just left!

Sage Silk Duvet Cover

Best silk bedding

Size: Single, double, king, euro king, super king, euro super king
Colour: Sage green
Thread count: 19 momme

Part of the signature collection of plain colours, Gingerlily's sage green bedding is made from the finest long strand mulberry silk.

Designed for the most comfortable sleep, all of its silk bedding collections are naturally hypoallergenic, breathable to regulate your temperature during all seasons, kind to your skin and, of course, irresistibly comfortable.

Not only is the collection available is this calming sage green, but also 16 other colours as well as a variety of patterns. Mix and match duvet covers, pillow cases and sheets for an eclectic look, or stick to a matching set for a more refined aesthetic.

Pure Silk Duvet Cover

Best silk bedding

Size: Double, king, super king, emperor
Colour: 11 options
Thread count: 22 momme

Offering the highest thread count of all the silk bedding mentioned, MayfairSilk's pure silk duvet cover is made from 100% long-strand Mulberry silk, woven using the newest technology to create a beautifully smooth fabric.

MayfairSilk promises the most luxurious silk bedding on the market, stating 'there simply isn't a more luxurious, comfortable and therapeutic fabric to sleep in than MayfairSilk. It's divine against the skin, regulates temperature in the 'comfort zone', keeps skin and hair hydrated, is hypoallergenic, dries quickly and stays fresh longer than cotton so you need to wash it less frequently.'

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