Choosing and installing the best lighting for your home

Henriette Von Stockhausen of VSP Interiors explains how to use lighting to transform your home into a comfortable, welcoming and attractive space

Crystal Teardrop Chandelier

When deciding on lighting for your home you absolutely need three or more levels – ceiling lights, wall lights, and table lamps or low level lights. Transform your home into a more comfortable, welcoming and attractive space with our pick of the most beautiful light fittings.


Ceiling Lights

The function of ceiling lights is for general light during the daytime. Only install as many as absolutely necessary, and only in areas that need task lighting such as kitchens and bathrooms – harsh overhead light can become uncomfortable and unflattering.

Peyton Single Light Ceiling Pendant, £153.00, Castlegate Lights Buy it here

Peyton Single Light Ceiling Pendant

Renato Chandelier, £625, Soho Home Buy it here

Renato Chandelier

Fargo Flush Tiffany Ceiling Light, £152.99, Tiffany Lighting Direct Buy it here

Fargo Flush Tiffany Ceiling Light

Hinkley Collier 4 Light Heritage Brass Semi-Flush, £188.64, Kes Lighting Buy it here

Hinkley Collier 4 Light Heritage Brass Semi-Flush
Elaborate ceiling light and iconic Egg chair.


Wall Lights

Wall lights are for atmospheric lighting. Together with picture lights they are very useful in an interior, especially if they are on dimmers. They give a comfortable glow and in the case of picture lights, light a subject rather than the room.

Helios Wall Light, £81, Pooky – Buy it now

Helios Wall Light

Firefly Wall Light, £103, Pooky – Buy it now

Firefly Wall Light

Rattan Wall Sconce, £39.95, Sklum – Buy it now

Rattan Wall Sconce

Melville Wall Sconce, £95, Pooky – Buy it now

Melville Wall Sconce

Vertical Linear Wall Mount Lighting, £112.39, Litfad – Buy it now

Vertical Linear Wall Mount Lighting


Table and Floor Lights

Table and floor lamps are the most essential and most flexible form of light. Make sure you include these lights on the same circuit so they all come on when you switch on the main light, otherwise, you will have to turn on each light individually. Choosing a lampshade is also important. Silk or papyrus shades give the most flattering and comfortable light and red shades tend to be beautiful in the evenings.

Wobster table lamp, £117, Pooky – Buy it here

Wobster Table Lamp

Cranling Articulated Standing Lamp, £322, Pooky – Buy it here

Cranling Articulated Standing Lamp

Palmaria Small Table Lamp, £249, Made in Design – Buy it here

Palmaria Small Table Lamp

Hanover Tall Cordless Lamp, £210, Neptune – Buy it here

Hanover Tall Cordless Lamp

Sasha Industrial Floor Lamp, £199.95, Furnwise – Buy it here

Sasha Industrial Floor Lamp


Living Room Lighting

Living rooms should have as many table lamps and standard lamps as possible and perhaps some indirect lights like picture, or hidden floor lights that highlight architectural features, helping to create a relaxed mood. Soft lampshades also help to achieve this and let’s not forget the roaring glow of a fireplace!

Orb Semi Mount Lighting, £215.01, Litfad – Buy it here

Orb Semi Mount Lighting

Baxley Table Lamp Set, £166.99, Wayfair – Buy it here

Baxley Table Lamp Set

Miyako Table Lamp, £51, Pooky – Buy it here

Miyako Table Lamp

Bedroom Lighting

In a bedroom always have a pair of bedside table lamps. If you have a four-poster bed, put your wall lights or reading lights inside for flexibility and make sure they can be switched on and off from either side of the bed.

Shaded Bedside Wall Mounted Reading Lamp, £122.22, Litfad – Buy it here 

Shaded Bedside Wall Mounted Reading Lamp

Mason Table Lamp, £69.95, Furnwise – Buy it here

Mason Table Lamp

Bobble Table Lamp, £79, Made – Buy it here

Bobble Table Lamp
Bobble Table Lamp

Limber Wall Light, £97, Pooky – Buy it here

Limber Wall Light


Dining Room Lighting

Dining room lighting should be extra flexible so it can be combined with candlelight. Antique chandeliers, with a crystal or alabaster dish, make a great focal point over the centre of the table, along with wall lights and picture lights that create a glow. Try Jamb for beautiful reproduction dish lights.

Crystal Teardrop Chandelier, £350.91, Litfad – Buy it now 

Crystal Teardrop Chandelier

Ceiling Chandelier, £315.27, Etsy – Buy it now

Ceiling Chandelier

Bever Vintage Flaxen Hemp Rope and Metal Round Candelabra, £302.99, Homary – Buy it now

Bever Vintage Flaxen Hemp Rope and Metal Round Candelabra

Milk Glass Vintage Chandelier, £424.30, Etsy – Buy it now

Milk Glass Vintage Chandelier


Hall and Corridor Lighting

Instead of solely using ceiling lights, instead think about using ceiling pendants like globe lanterns or lidded urn lanterns. They give the same effect without looking too modern, and they diffuse the light in a very different, more comfortable way.

Laura Ashley ODIHAM Globe Lantern, £131.25, Lighting Company UK – Buy it now

Laura Ashley ODIHAM Globe Lantern

Connie Pendant Light, £137, Pooky – Buy it now

Connie Pendant Light

Falotta Hanging Light, £168.90, – Buy it now

Falotta Hanging Light

Lindby Rozalie Hanging Lamp, £93.90, – Buy it now

Lindby Rozalie Hanging Lamp

Black Urn Shaped Chandelier Lamp £176.72, Litfad – Buy it now

Black Urn Shaped Chandelier Lamp


Statement Lighting

Remember too that lighting is decorative! A chandelier or large pendant can look fabulous over a kitchen island or dining table, or as a statement piece over a special bath tub. Antique lights are the perfect decorative piece, providing light, while also being beautiful in their own right. Try to choose one with several bulbs and if you can see the bulbs, use gathered fabric shades or beautiful candle bulbs as modern bulbs can ruin the look.

Distressed Leaves Cascade Statement Wall Light, £265.00, The Farthing – Buy it now

Distressed Leaves Cascade Statement Wall Light

Dar Achates 9 Light Ceiling Pendant, £477.00, Lighting Direct – Buy it now

Dar Achates 9 Light Ceiling Pendant

Nevo Pendant Light, £439, Heals – Buy it now

Nevo Pendant Light

Glass Ball Pendant Light, £133, Grace and Glory – Buy it now

Glass Ball Pendant Light