Thanks to lockdown, many of us have become expert bartenders. And what better way to wow guests than serving up one of your homemade cocktails in some pretty glassware? While there are certain drinks that should be served in specific glasses, the right style of cocktail glass is a matter of personal taste. We’ve put together an edit of bartending’s top 10 most popular glasses to make sure you find glassware that fits perfectly in your home



Essential for any special occasion flutes are perfect for serving up champagne or prosecco (or maybe even a champagne based cocktail like a French 75). Toast in style with one of these pretty flutes

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Roebling Champagne Flutes


Becoming incredibly popular over the past couple of years, the coupe glass is a stemmed glass featuring a broad, shallow bowl, able to hold about six ounces. This long, thin stem is perfect for drinks that are served up, meaning that they are served chilled, without ice. The wide brim also makes it the perfect glass for garnish enthusiasts.

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Nick and Nora

Nick and Nora glasses are somewhere between a coupe and a wine glass used for serving stirred or shaken cocktails. Named after a boozy, sociable couple in the 1934 novel The Thin Man, these glasses are the perfect example of prohibition style glassware.

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Timeless Vintage Nick & Nora


While this is pretty self-explanatory, make sure you have both white and red wine glasses. White wine glasses have smaller, less curved bowls than red wine glasses. The wide bowls of red wine glasses aerate the wine, much like a decanter.

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Shaken or stirred? The Martini glass is one of the most iconic glassware of all time, so it’s definitely a must have for your home. The iconic V-shaped glass is also great for other cocktails like Cosmopolitans, Manhattans, and Negronis.

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The history of the margarita glass is somewhat of a mystery - some think it was a manufacturing error while others believe Marie Antoinette commissioned the shape after breast so that her court could toast to her health by drinking out of bosom-shaped glassware. Nevertheless, these glasses are great for margaritas served up, or even frozen!

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Lowball glasses, sometimes called rocks or old-fashioned glasses, are the perfect glass for serving up any spirit neat or on the rocks.

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The tall, thin silhouette of the highball glass makes it the perfect shape for serving up any mixed drink over lots of ice. It’s also the most versatile of the cocktail glassware, so feel free to leave them out in your kitchen or pantry for any non-alcoholic drinks throughout the week.

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A classic must have for any beer loving household. Enjoy a pint with Sunday lunch or a mid-afternoon summer shandy.

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Shot glasses are great for a sip of your favourite spirit, or for measuring ingredients when left without a jigger. Make sure you get a shot glass big enough that won’t leave you having to clear up after a hearty cheers!

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