No home is complete without a few mirrors dotted around – a mirror in a small room makes the space feel larger, whereas a mirror in a room with few windows can help to bounce the light to every corner. If you're searching for a style of mirror that is as beautifully eyecatching as it is practical, look no further. A sunburst mirror is a fabulous feature to elevate your interiors.


What is a sunburst mirror?

A sunburst mirror usually has a small round mirror in the centre and is surrounded by a frame that resembles the sun. Spikes or beams protrude from the centre – sometimes these are all one length, in other cases the size will vary to add extra dimension. Most examples are made from wood or some type of metal as they are durable and can be curated into different shapes and styles.

What does a sunburst mirror symbolise?

Nowadays, sunburst mirrors are popular for their beautiful sun design, offering a touch of summer all year round. Originally though, these mirrors were often found in churches, and symbolised the idea of God looking down to church goers and worshippers.

Where does a sunburst mirror hang?

Sunburst mirrors can be hung anywhere in your home, however they are most popular for displaying in hallways and living rooms thanks to their incredibly decorative design – who wouldn't want to hang it somewhere it can be seen by everyone?

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Here are a few of the best sunburst mirrors, perfect for any space...

Best sunburst mirrors

Ava Sunburst Mirror

Best sunburst mirrors

Size: 55 x 55cm
Depth: 7cm
Weight: 1.8kg
Price: £146

If you're looking for something with a vintage feel, the Ava Sunburst Mirror from Pooky is a fabulous choice. Reminiscent of an old medal, this mirror offers style, beauty and character, and will brighten up any wall.

Eichholtz Solaris Mirror

Best sunburst mirrors

Size: 80 x 80cm
Depth: 8cm
Weight: 10kg
Price: £600

For something less robust, the Eichholtz Solaris Mirror from Sweetpea & Willow has a more delicate design, with narrow gold spikes creating the sunburst effect. Place in a darker space or in a room that benefits from natural sunlight – either way, this mirror will truly shine.

Gilded Starburst Sunburst Mirror

Best sunburst mirrors

Size: 48.6 x 48.6cm
Depth: 5.08cm
Price: £522.93

Searching for a vintage sunburst mirror? This Gilded Sunburst Starburst Mirror originates from Belgium c1980-89 made in the style of Hollywood Regency design. This is a fabulous find, with no crisps, cracks or repairs to the mirror.

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Sunburst Metal Round Mirror

Best sunburst mirrors

Size: 80 x 80cm
Depth: 1.7cm
Weight: 3kg
Price: £79

The most minimalist design in our round up, the Sunburst Metal Round Mirror from M&S features gold spikes, this time more spread out and all of varying lengths, creating a beautiful overall effect.

Grace Sunburst Mirror

Best sunburst mirrors

Size: 60 x 60cm
Depth: 2cm
Weight: 3.2kg
Price: £165

For a sunburst mirror made from wood, the Grace Mirror from Pooky has been carved from wood and finished in a subtle distressed gold. This one will look majestic mixed with antiques and a dark colour palette.

Large Rattan-Framed Sunburst Mirror

Best sunburst mirrors

Size: 47.5 x 47.5cm
Weight: 1.68kg
Price: £34.99

Rattan is a great material to use if you're going for a more boho-style interior. This Large Rattan-Framed Sunburst Mirror is a lovely choice, featuring a beautiful cross-over detail to hold the spikes together.

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Vintage Mid Century Golden Sunburst Mirror

Best sunburst mirrors

Size: 49 x 49cm
Price: £388.67

Another vintage option, this Italian Mid Century Golden Sunburst Mirror is dated to the 1960s and is in perfect condition – there are no cracks or holes in the wood and it boasts a beautiful patina.

Libra Toba Rattan Sunburst Mirror

Best sunburst mirrors

Size: 100 x 100cm
Depth: 3cm
Weight: 2kg
Price: £88

If you're looking to make your starburst mirror the focal feature of a space, this Libra Toba Rattan Sunburst Mirror will surely please. Made from rattan and woven together using natural materials, this mirror will make a statement in any room.

Rajasthan Sunburst Mirror

Best sunburst mirrors

Size: 87 x 87cm
Depth: 2cm
Weight: 4.7kg
Price: £199

Handmade in India by skilled artisans, this Rajasthan Sunburst Mirror from John Lewis is constructed using staggered iron pieces to create a layered frame. Because of its handmade nature, each mirror has slight variations, so you can be sure you've got a truly unique piece.

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Carved Silver Gilt Sunburst Mirror

Best sunburst mirrors

Size: 102.24 x 102.24cm
Depth: 6.35cm
Price: £1,562.89


Another wooden option, this Carved Silver Gilt Sunburst Mirror is a 21st-century piece inspired by a 17th-century antique, made in Louis XIV style. This one has a lovely unique shape with spikes of varying lengths and will make a lovely statement in an entryway.